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My name is Marc Vanschoenwinkel and I founded Compassion to Lead based on my passion and compassion for people and organizations. I am an experienced management consultant with more than 30 years of experience in leadership assessment & development within changing environments.


I work for several international companies worldwide.  Compassion to Lead and I are part of a network organization consisting of Time To Grow Global and several senior independent senior consultants. Together with them we worked all over the world as you can see on the map above.


Shaping healthy, productive and happy organisations

Why? We believe that it is the right thing to do to shape workplaces and organisations that give people the possibility to create meaning and wellbeing.


· Let’s have (com)passion for people, let’s listen and look at the stories behind them. It will allow us to see them as the mature people they are and ask them to be fully engaged citizens of our organizational companies. People are no resources, they are partners.
· Let’s no longer believe that companies function like machines but let’s look at them as living organisms where elements organize themselves and have a large amount of autonomy to act and react.
· Let’s go from control to coordination.
· Let’s facilitate people in getting purpose, autonomy and mastership.
· And last but not least: let’s expect more from people!


Our mission is to support organizations in changing colours to become healthy, productive and happy.