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My name is Marc Vanschoenwinkel, and I founded “Compassion to Lead” based on my passion for helping people and building organizations. I am an experienced management consultant with more than 30 years of experience in leadership assessment & development. I also assist companies during any transitional phases they may have, ensuring a productive environment to pave the way for a successful business.


I work for several international companies worldwide.  Compassion to Lead and I are part of a network organization consisting of Time To Grow Global and several other senior independent consultants. Together, we work all over the world, (as seen on the map above.)


Shaping healthy, productive and happy organisations

Why? We believe that fostering a work environment that promotes meaning and wellbeing is the right thing to do.

· Let us have (com)passion for people; we must listen and look into each individual’s story. By doing so, we are given insight into what make’s each person special. When a work environment takes an interest in their employees, it promotes engagement and productivity. People are not resources; they are partners.
· We must encourage the notion that companies are not lifeless machines but rather living organisms -thriving systems that function cooperatively through the joint effort from all their separate parts.
· We must value coordination over control.
· We must encourage people to gain a sense of purpose and foster an attitude that promotes leadership and independence.
· And last but not least: we must raise our expectations of ourselves and the people that surround us!

Our overall mission is to encourage organizations to become healthy, productive, and happy.