Leadership And Organizational Development

We make a difference in creating a healthy and productive organizations. We have a a very high improvement rate with our clients as we help them to transition into a more efficient workspace. In our process, we try to cultivate a positive mindset within each company. By doing so, we are developing leaders, nurturing teamwork and promoting collaborative skills.


For us, tools are secondary. The main goal to help leaders shape healthy, productive and happy organizations.

Below you can find a selection of services, with each one containing separate information to further assist you in achieving your goals.

For a brief overview, click on the services below. Each feature comes with a downloadable PDF file.

Leadership Essentials*

This feature focuses on the acquisition of 2 core concepts, the essentials needed to lead with strength, compassion and understanding.

Hybrid individual Coaching (also available in person)

We coach leaders on how to lead their team and efficiently interact with others.

Personal Leadership

Discover how incorporating social skills and personality into your leadership tactics will transform yourself into a strong and compassionate leader.

New Leadership 3.0*

Learn to shape healthy organizations by focusing on how to nurture your creative vision and collaborate with your peers.

* Training programs available in a train the trainer version to train your own trainers.

Team Building

During this team-building session, we will help improve the team’s vision, structure, and interaction with each other.

On Floor Team Coaching

We coach the team in real time, working on how to improve performance and productivity.

Core Collaboration Skills

A training session in core skills focusing on effectivity, problem analysis, systematic and inclusive decision making, creativity, effective communication and collaboration.

Teams, Functions and Departments: Working Together

We will improve the connection, communication and collaboration within departments through our intensive seminar.

Guiding Change

This training session focuses on how to facilitate and prepare for a change that is out of the ordinary. We will help you in the transitional period of transforming your company and give you instructions on how to guide your team through this journey.

Workshop: Traveling Through The Land Of The Never Ending Story*

During this half-day workshop, we guide people through the different steps involved in a company’s transitional phase and we give them tools for how they can process change in an efficient manner.

Change Agent

On a regular basis, we intervene in companies in order to stimulate a change. This is achieved mainly through tools of explaination, character building, communication and task managing.

* Training programs available in a “Train the Trainer” version so you can teach your own employees these methods.