On the following pages you can find plenty of tools, how to’s, ideas and methods to become a compassionate leader who creates engagement and entrepreneurship and who leads people and teams in these rapidly changing times.


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Engagement & Entrepreneurship

Tool cards with all kind of initiatives, practices, big and small, to shape ownership, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Leading Change

Tool cards with all kind of possibilities, practices and tools to be an active change agent leading people through change towards success.


Influencing Skills

Tool cards with different kinds of ways to influence the behavior of others.

Tool-cards to create engagement and ownership

The cards on this page are organized according to our wheel of entrepreneurship and innovation which is based on the 3 core elements that create intrinsic motivation: Purpose, Autonomy and Mastership. To create intrinsic motivation, there is need to:


– Free people

– Develop People

– Connect People


Tool-cards for shaping and leading change

The cards on this page are categorized according to the four step model of change. It states that to lead people on an emotional and psychological level through change in such a way that it will be successful you have to:


– Prepare or plan the change

– Create Awareness

– Stimulate Interest

– Facilitate Trial

– Ensure Adoption


Tool cards to influence the behaviour of others

Based on the principle of action and reaction (Leary’s Rose) you find in this section all kinds of behaviour you can show or use to influence the behaviours of others. However none of these are techniques or tricks to manipulate people but they are conscious ways of communicating relevant for different moment in a meeting or conversation.

Key are the laws that predict which behaviour yours will trigger:


– The more you become active/dominant the more other people will become passive/submissive and vice versa

– The more you defend your own interest the more other people will do the same and

– The more you work together the more others will do the same


Our version of Leary’s Rose

On each card you find:

  • a description of the behaviour
  • some examples
  • a visual representation of what the effect of this behaviour will be on others (will it activate, deactivate, pull to the I or the We-side)
  • some explanation on the effect of the behaviour according to Leary’s Rose
  • Some explanation on the effect according to the SCARF principle: people will be motivated and connected when you respect their status, autonomy, relatedness and sense of fairness