Praise and thanks


All too often we focus on the things that are not going well. Paying more attention to giving praise and thanking people is a great way to boost a sense of connection, belonging and collaboration. 


Different ways to put the emphasis on thanking and praising others.


At some point in a meeting ask: who wants to thank or praise someone in the team?

Introduce “good and/or new gatherings.” Each morning or once in a while hold a brief gathering called a “good and/or new gathering” where people say what is new and/or good in a few sentences, thanking whoever is responsible for the good and/or new things mentioned.

A day of thanking once a year: every team member receives a certain amount of money to do something good for someone s/he wants to thank. You gather for a half day, an evening or a day to share the stories about what you did for the person you wanted to thank. You could also do one story each team meeting.


When connection, positivity and energy is needed.

Skills and necessary training
Critical success factor

Praise and thanks must be real and fresh. If it is seen as an obligation then it will not work. However, beginning these kinds of activities often feels a bit awkward, so the key is to find an approach that works for your team.

Possible workshop exercise

Conduct a thanking and/or praise round: who do you want to thank or praise and for what? The individual thanked/praised can be part of or outside the group.