Values day or values meeting


Values are core drivers of behavior. However, they are often defined in a top-down manner and are not the product of real discussion and inspiration. If core values really came alive in the minds and behavior of workers this would be a great asset to the development of the company, collaboration and people.


A value day once a year or a value meeting on occasion.


You can undoubtedly think of all kinds of activities to make values come alive. Consider using the open space and the appreciative inquiry large group interventions described in the open space method and appreciative inquiry method tool cards respectively.

When you use the open space activity put one or more values at the center of the exercise and as the guiding question ask: if we want to live these values what do we need to talk about today?

If you use the appreciative inquiry method then also put some values at the center of the exercise, e.g. “being responsible,” then start by asking people to interview each other about a time when they experienced a situation where they were inspired and had to take on a lot of responsibility. What where the characteristics of this situation? 

You can also brainstorm with peers and/or HR about other ways to bring values alive during a values day or meeting (long or short).


When you want to bring values alive because you believe that this will drive another kind of behavior.

Skills and necessary training

Look for some more ideas on the net on how to breathe life into values.

Ask HR or external parties for advice.

Critical success factor

Value days/meetings must feel real and fresh. Don’t use the same method too often.

Possible workshop exercise

Brainstorm ideas on how to make values real and bring them alive. Or, first, perhaps have a good discussion about the relevance or irrelevance of values.