Maximum transparency (not only presenting but also discussing and exchanging crucial information)


To act in a sensible way and to take ownership people need information and they certainly need crucial information. How can you feel the urge to act if you don’t know the facts and the numbers? How can you act in an effective way if you don’t have the information that is known and available within the company?


Reconsider the information you share. Share the maximum possible. Think long and hard before you label something as confidential. Is it really confidential or is this your ego speaking?


Use the intranet (or any other method) to share as much information as possible about the company, its vision and strategy, results, feedback from clients, best practices, who is who, who is an expert in what and so on.

Allow people to add information!


When you want to encourage responsibility and ownership.

Skills and necessary training

Posting information in a way that is structured and to the point.

Critical success factor

A user-friendly way to share information.

A well-structured and admissible flow of information.

Creating a living system that people know and value and where they can co-create in the knowledge of the company.

Possible workshop exercise

Host an honest discussion about what kind of information really is confidential. Is there any information that cannot be shared with everyone? Why not? Is this really the case?