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Leadership And Organizational Development

We make the difference in creating a healthy and productive organization with a high level of change agility by developing leaders, teams and collaboration.

For us tools are secondary, the goal is primordial and that is to help leaders shape healthy, productive and happy organizations.

Below you can find a palette of possible deliverables each with tools, methods and interventions to attain them. Most often these, in combination with one another, form transformation processes that lead to the above goal.

Below  a brief overview, click to have more information. For each service you can download a pdf folder.

The red tabs are the deliverables, each with some key interventions or services to realize them.

  • Effective Leaders Videos

    Have a look at our Effective Leaders introductory videos here.

    Leadership Essentials*

    Acquiring 2 core concepts to lead with strength and compassion, creating ownership and energy.

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    Hybrid individual Coaching (also in real life)

    We coach leaders while leading their team or in interaction with others.

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    Personal Leadership

    Discover the influence of your own personality on your leadership and make a deep transformation towards strong and compassionate leadership.

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    New Leadership 3.0*

    Get inspired and co-create with peers own vision and skills to shape agile and healthy organizations.

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    * Training programs available in a train the trainer version to train your own trainers.

  • Team Building

    During a team-building session we will help to improve the teams vision, structure and/or interaction.

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    On Floor Team Coaching

    We coach the team while working on real issues related to improving performance.

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    Core Collaboration Skills

    A training in core skills to become more effective and autonomous as a team in problem analysis, systematic and inclusive decision making, creativity, effective communication and learning from each other.

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  • Teams, functions and departments working together

    Large scale interventions to improve collaboration within departments or cross-functional using open space, appreciative inquiry or other we will improve the connection, communication and collaboration between groups of people.

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  • Guiding Change

    This training is about how to prepare and facilitate a change that is out of the ordinary, how to guide people through this journey.

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    Workshop Traveling Through The Land Of The Never Ending Story*

    During a half day workshop we let people experience the different steps in a change process and how they can handle them.

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    Change Agent

    On a regularly basis we are present within the company to facilitate whatever intervention is necessary to stimulate the change. This mainly by explaining, connecting and helping.

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    * Training programs available in a train the trainer version to train your own trainers.